This is an exciting, fast-paced competition, bringing Armidale and the wider community together. The competition comprises of a range of UNE, school, and town clubs, and is a great way to make new friends and keep active. If you’re looking for a fun way to stay fit, joining our Saturday Morning or Wednesday evening mixed comp will be sure to get your blood pumping.

Updates on this year’s competition in alignment with COVID-19 return to train and playing guidelines will be made available once confirmed by competition management and club delegates.

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Player nominations are open for both the Women’s and Mixed competitions. Each club is a little different, when you register to a club you will be sorted into a team by the club. You can register here.

Simply click on your club and follow the prompts to join and complete your registration, this is also where you will pay your membership fee.

If you don’t see your club here or belong to a club yet, please contact us and we will help you set this up.

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Game locations

SportUNE Netball Competitions are played at a number of indoor and outdoor locations including;

  • Campbell Hall, SportUNE
  • New Hall, SportUNE
  • Outdoor courts, SportUNE

2021 Competition Dates & Prices - 2022 Info TBC

Women’s (17 game season)

  • Start date: Saturday 20th March
  • Cost: Students $75 | Community $85
  • Rounds: 12 + final series

Mixed (8 game season)

  • Start date: Wednesday 24th March
  • Cost:  $30 per player

Please note if you would like to play in both Competitions you can access a discount rate;

  • Cost: Students $75 +10 Community $85 + $10


The SportUNE Netball Competition caters for players from 16 years and up.

Who can join the competition?

SportUNE Netball Competition  is a community competition, and we welcome anyone of age to register.

What do you need to play?

At each game all players are required to have/wear;

  • Uniform
  • Bib
  • Joggers
  • A water bottle

Contact Details

For any other information about SportUNE Netball Competition please reach out to the Competition Managers;

Caitlin Bryce

Alan Gray
Mobile: 0401 642 583

Graham Parsons
Mobile: 0429 322 630


Substitute Player Form

A member who wishes to play in a higher division of Netball must fill in this form, and it must be approved before anyone takes to the court.

You can request to play in another division here.




COVID Updates

All SportUNE Netball Competition players and participants must adhere to SportUNE’s COVID rules; that follow NSW Health regulations. 

  • You must check-in on arrival.
  • Participants should only arrive at their match or training close to the start time to avoid unnecessary congregation.
  • If you have visited a hotspot in the 14 days please do not attend events.
  • For more Government information please visit NSW Health website.

These guidelines will be under constant review and updated frequently to ensure a safe staged approach.

View all of SportUNE’s COVID measures here.

Team Sizes

Team sizes are decided by each individual club. In a standard game, there must be 7 players on aside. However, any team may take the court with a minimum of 5 players.

If you do not have 5 players your team forfeit the game.

Minimum team sizes: 7
Maximum team sizes: 12 (subject to team approval)


Match Official Send-Off Expulsion Report

If a send-off occurs in any game a Match Official Send-Off Expulsion Report must be completed.

Fill in Report

Incident Report

All injury/incidents/near misses relating SportUNE’s community competitions MUST be reported as soon as reasonably practicable.

For Insurance purposes, injury reports must be completed within 72 hours of the incident occurring.

Complete Incident Report

Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct provides a set of principles and actions that all participants and the community can follow when participating or attending any SportUNE Netball Competition training, games, or events. This code of conduct is to assist in creating a safe and positive environment for everyone involved.  

If you are a player, parent, coach, official, spectator, or official, you have the ability to set the standards of behaviour that will assist in creating better people and communities through Netball allowing our great game to grow.

By adopting this and ensuring your actions reflect the code, you will ensure Netball will continue to be a positive experience for all participants.

All participants are required to abide by the Code of Conduct. This will ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience with and at our Netball games.


 Participants of the Netball include: 

  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Volunteers
  • Parents/Carers
  • Spectators

Participants are encouraged and expected to: 

  • Be a good sportsperson, discouraging all instances of foul or illegal play, or acts of violence, both on and off the field.
  • Demonstrate the utmost level of respect, protecting and supporting the rights, dignity, and worth of everyone regardless of their gender, ability/disability, sexual orientation, cultural background, or religion.
  • Lead by example. By condemning the use of recreational and performance-enhancing drugs and doping practices
  • Celebrate the “good news” stories, and understand that cyber-bullying, which includes negative or demeaning comments, status posts, personal messages, or emails, is a serious form of harassment.
  • Accept that the integrity of the sport is of paramount importance, meaning, no coach, player, Club/team, or umpire is allowed to participate, or be directly or indirectly involved in any way, in gambling in relation to the games/competitions in which they are involved or directly linked with.

By adhering to the SportUNE Netball Code of Conduct you will;

  • Be a good sport. Respect all good play whether from your team or the opposition. This can include shaking hands with and thanking, the opposition players and officials after the game – win, lose or draw.
  • Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit.
  • Always respect the Umpire’s decision.
  • Never become involved in acts of foul play.
  • Honour both the spirit and letter of the competition rules and live up to the highest ideals of ethics and sportsmanship; avoid gamesmanship and respect the traditions of the game.
  • Never engage in disrespectful conduct of any sort. This includes the use of profanity, sledging, obscene gestures, offensive remarks, trash-talking, taunting, or other actions that are demeaning to other players, officials, or supporters.
  • Care for and respect the facilities and equipment made available to you during training and competition.
  • Don’t use any illegal or unhealthy substances.
  • Recognise and respect that many Officials, Coaches, and Umpires are Volunteers who give up their time to provide their services and support the game.
  • Do not bet or otherwise financially speculate, directly or indirectly, on the outcome or any other aspect of a Netball game or competition in which you are involved.


  • Always consider the health, safety, and welfare of the players.
  • Actively discourage foul play and/or unsportsmanlike behaviour by players.
  • Seek to maximise the participation and enjoyment of all players regardless of ability; avoid the tendency to over-use a talented player; treat all players as equals, regardless of their talent.
  • Show concern and caution towards all sick and injured players. Follow the advice of a physician and/or sports trainer to the letter when determining when an injured player is ready to recommence training or playing.
  • Teach players that an honest effort and competing to the best of their ability is as important as victory.
  • Maintain appropriate, professional relationships with players always.
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of the Laws of the Game and keep abreast of current coaching methods; maintain or improve your current accreditation level.
  • Teach young players to realise that there is a big gap between their play and the professional game; do not coach them as if they are professionals.
  • Ensure that your coaching reflects the level of the competition being played; do not be a “win-at-all-cost” coach.
  • As a coach, conduct yourself at all times in a manner, and in all situations, that shows leadership, respect for the game of Netball, and respect for all those that are involved in the game – the players, officials, the fans, the parents, the referees, and the media.
  • Remember that junior players participate for pleasure and mateship. Your coaching should create a positive environment that is fun, safe, and inclusive


  • Place the safety and welfare of the players above all else; be alerted to minimise dangerous physical play, fair or fouls.
  • Accept responsibility for all actions taken.
  • Avoid any form of verbal contact with coaches, team officials, parents, and spectators during play.
  • Be impartial, consistent, objective, and courteous.
  • Avoid any situation which may lead to a conflict of interest, both on and off the field.
  • Maintain an appropriate level of fitness for the standard of the game at which you are officiating.
  • Condemn all and every instance of unsportsmanlike, foul, or unfair play.
  • Set a good example by the way you dress, speak and act towards players, coaches, officials, parents, and spectators.
  • Show concern and caution towards sick and injured players.
  • Officiate to the age and/or experience of the players.


  • Always uphold the integrity of the game of Netball.
  • Always act in a sportsmanlike manner, respecting opposition players, team and club officials, and spectators.
  • Make decisions in the best interests of the game of Netball.
  • Place the safety and welfare of players as the top priority.
  • Accept responsibility for all decisions made.


  • Condemn all violent or illegal acts, whether they are by players, coaches, officials, parents, or spectators.
  • Respect the Umpire’s decisions – don’t complain or argue about decisions during or after a game.
  • Always behave. Unsportsmanlike language, harassment, or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Encourage players to play by the rules and to respect opposition players and officials.
  • Never ridicule or scorn a player for making a mistake – respect their efforts.
  • Understand that sport is part of a total life experience, and the benefits of involvement go far beyond the final score of a game.
  • Participate in positive cheering that encourages the players in the team you are supporting; do not engage in any cheering that taunts or intimidates opponents, their fans, or officials.
  • Remember that all participants are involved in the game of Netball for their own enjoyment.
  • Always follow the directions of the Umpire and/or other duty officials
  • Never arrive at a game under the influence of alcohol, never bring alcohol to a game, and only drink alcohol, if it is available, in a responsible manner in the designated licensed area.


Please note – Clubs/teams are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents/carers of players, coaches, officials, and spectators. 

No person(s) attending a game, function, or Club/team related event or activity shall: 

  1. Use offensive or obscene language to any participant.
  2. Enter the court during a game without the prior approval of the Umpires.
  3. Excessively dispute the decision of an Umpire or Official either during or after a game.
  4. Assault, or act with aggression, to any person/s.
  5. Behave in a way contrary to the Code of Conduct and/or the spirit of the game.
  6. Behave in a way that disturbs the enjoyment of a game, function, activity, or event by any person/s, or brings discredit to any Club/team, League, or the game.
  7. Act in such a way as to exhibit racial intolerance, by language or other conduct, to any person/s.
  8. Refuse to accept the reasonable direction of the Umpire, official of the team/ Club which that person is supporting.
  9. No person/s may make comments or take actions that bring discredit to any person, Club, or league through any social media outlet.

Clubs are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents/carers of players, coaches, officials, and Club supporters. 

Breaches of the SportUNE Netball Code of Conduct may result in penalties, including but not limited to:

  • Suspension of a game and/or
  • Termination of a game (including potential forfeiture of competition points) and/or
  • Monetary fines and/or
  • Suspension of a participant on a temporary or permanent basis and/or
  • Suspension of a team or club on a temporary or permanent basis.

SportUNE Netball Rules

The UNE Netball Competitions will comply with all rules in the current Netball NSW rules along with some variations for the SportUNE competitions.

Age Restrictions

Age Restrictions

    1. Participants must be turning sixteen during the year of competition; however, parental permission must be given if under the age of eighteen years.
    2. Anyone below the age of eighteen must meet a certain skill level; to minimise the risk of injury.

Please note*

  1. Fifteen-year old’s may be eligible to play and must meet the following criteria
    • their skill level must be at A grade standard. may be allowed to play provided they are of a certain level of play,
    • need to formally apply to the Competition Administrator to participate in the competition
  2. while sixteen to eighteen years the standard is A Reserve or above.

Game Procedures

  1. Correct uniform according to the registration details must be worn by round three.
  2. If players wish to wear underclothing (e.g. skivvies, footless tights, or bike shorts) they must be black in colour. Underclothing must NOT be loose. This is at the discretion of the umpire.
  3. If two club teams are playing each other, both sets of bibs must be contrast. (e.g., Light and Dark) or two completely different colours (e.g., Pink and White)
  4. Club Representatives must notify SportUNE competition managers ASAP of any event which may affect the participation of a team in a competition. SportUNE will attempt to accommodate these events to the best of their ability, critical to any rescheduling of games is early notification of the inability to play.
  5. All games will be timed individually on each court. Each game will consist of four twelve-minute quarters with a one-minute break at each quarter time and two minutes break at halftime.
  6. All clubs that participate in the Saturday competition should attempt to register a team in all grades (including C grade and A grade where possible) before putting more than one team into any grade.
  7. There is no limit on the number of players who can register and play in a specific team. Players cannot go down in grades.
  8. Each club is allowed one A-grade team. More than one team from the same club may be considered.
  9. If any grade has too many teams, the grade will be split into pools that are evenly graded.
  10. If the grade with a significant number of teams occurs and there is a skill difference a reserve grade will be made.
  11. Substitution players can only play in one higher grade than their registered team’s level. Therefore, players registered in A grade cannot play in any other grade.
  12. Players cannot play across grades. Any infringement of this rule will result in a forfeit against the offending team and a fine of $25.
  13. Any substitute player can only play a maximum of three games above their registered grade. The player can play more than one game on the day. Once the player has taken the court a 3rd time, they will become a member of the higher team & unable to play any lower grade. Not adhering to this rule will result in a fine of $25.
  14. Any player who is playing up a grade within their club must physically take the court, rather than just signing on, to count as 1/3 of their games; a substitute player form must also be filled out for the game.


Competition points

  1. four points for a win
  2. two points for a draw
  3. zero points for a loss
  4. zero points for a forfeit by 12 pm Friday
  5. Zero points for a forfeit and a $25 fine if after 12 pm Friday before round
  6. two points each team for a washout, a washout is at the Competition Administrator’s Club representatives will be notified by 7:30 am or as soon as possible on the day of play. Washout rounds will alternate between higher and lower grades.

Finals Series

  1. The date of the semi & preliminary and grand final can NOT be changed. No deferral of any final round will be allowed.
  2. The final series in each grade will follow the following format
  • Semi-Finals 1 V 2 and 3 V 4
  • Preliminary Final Loser of 1 V 2 and winner of 3 V 4
  • Grand Final Winner of 1 V 2 and Winner of Preliminary Final
  1. There are to be no player replacements for any team during the final’s series unless the player from a lower grade has qualified by playing 2 games for the higher team. Once the player has played 3 games including finals, they will become a registered member of that team. However, during the final series rounds, only the registered team may take the court; this may include a player who has played the 3 games up for a team (resulting in the move of teams).
  2. If an unqualified player is found playing in a team other than the one, they are registered in during finals the team will be withdrawn from the final series. If this occurs during the finals series, the team at fault will forfeit the team at fault.
  3. A player substitution form must be approved by the game umpire and the SportUNE Game Day Coordinator before the completion of the game
  4. For the safety of all game participants, when large crowds are present, a set distance will be enforced for the crowd. This is at the discretion of the umpires and/or the SportUNE Game Day Coordinator.


  1. The individual payment of $75.00 for UNE students and $85.00 for non-UNE students is to be paid upfront before the commencement of the Saturday competition.
  2. The individual payment of $30 is to be paid upfront before the commencement of the Wednesday Mixed competition. Cross-registration for female players playing in both the Saturday and the mixed Wednesday competition will incur a fee of $10.00. Registration for the Mixed and Women’s competition are separate processes in UNIONE.
  3. Individuals pay registration for the whole netball season – this means there will be NO refunds. If you cannot complete the full season – valid reasons may be considered.
  4. Incumbencies may be placed on the individual player in a team if payment is not received. This is at the discretion of SportUNE.
  5. Clubs with outstanding finances (including any fines) will not be eligible to collect any prizes available to them until payment has been received.
  6. Clubs with outstanding debts will not be allowed to enter the competition in subsequent seasons, without financial arrangements with the Competition Administrator.


Please refer to the SportUNE Netball Code of conduct above. 

  1. 0n court discipline is at the discretion of the umpires. The Competition Administrators will be informed of any disciplinary action and take further action if warranted.
  2. The Competition Administrator reserves the right to suspend any player based on any disciplinary action taken by any umpires this will be followed strictly. The umpire will fill out a report regarding the incident and this will be dealt with by the Competition Administrator. Club representatives will be informed of outcomes and will also be consulted.
  3. Coach and spectator behaviour must follow the same behaviour protocol as layer/s; absolutely no rowdy/ inappropriate behaviour will be tolerated.


  1. The first two rounds the Competition, the Competition Administrators reserve the right to regrade teams, not only based on the outcome of a match but also prior achievements and skill
  • changes may occur within grades after the 1st round is completed, this will provide the Competition Administrator with an opportunity to observe the changes before grades are confirmed.
  • points carry over unless determined otherwise by the Competition Administrators/Steering committee.
  • after the first two rounds of grading, all teams will be on zero points for the start of round three
  1. Any regrading that is not approved by the team, the club representative may contact the Competition Administrator in writing, with a valid request and explanation as to why. However again the Competition Administrator holds the final say.

Wednesday Mixed Competition

  1. Game length – 4x 9min quarters, 1 min at each quarter time, 2 min at half time
  2. Wednesday is a social competition.
  3. Three males may take the court at one time; 1 male per third.
  4. Any dangerous actions/behaviours will be taken to a review by the Competition Administrator.
  5. Unacceptable behaviour will be monitored and dealt with the same as the Saturday competition.


  1. If it is known by one team prior to Thursday at 5 pm that they cannot field the minimum 5 players for the day of play. It is the club’s responsibility to arrange another time and date of play. It is also the two club’s responsibility to contact the Competition Administrator by 12 pm Friday to notify them of the change. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit & a $25 fine. Please contact the Sports Coordinator at SportUNE to organise court times. The Competition Administrator must be notified of the deferred game’s location and time to organise appropriate umpires. The deferred game must be played before the following round of play.
  2. Mixed forfeits must be given to the Competition Administrators by no later than noon on the day of play. Failure to do so will incur a $25 fine which must be paid before the next round of play.
  3. No team can defer more than 3 games during the round’s games; applies for both Wednesday and Saturday competitions. No deferring in any finals rounds.
  4. Wednesday deferrals are only allowed if the Competition Administrators deems it fit to occur otherwise the team wanting to defer will accept the forfeit.
  5. A forfeit on the day will be determined if one team cannot take the court with the minimum five players needed five minutes after the commencement of play. The umpires controlling the game will determine this. Fines of $25 will be issued to the forfeiting team and they also must pay for both umpires on that game in question.

Duty Teams

  1. 45.To ensure that each round of netball runs smoothly it is the decision of the Competition Administrators to appoint a club to perform duty tasks.
  2. Being on duty covers both Saturday OR Wednesday timing and scoring.
  3. It is the responsibility of the duty club to provide and ensure there is at least one individual who is always competent in scoring and timing at the scoreboard; for allocated rounds and time slots. If there is any dispute regarding the score during the game, it is the responsibility of a Team Official to notify the Competition Administrators immediately. There will be no appealing the Competition Administrators’ decision.
  4. It is the responsibility of the club on duty to ensure that all procedures are adhered to.
  • Failure to do so will result in a fine of $25 per court  and/or time slot
  1. Failure to perform duty tasks appropriately or to show up on time (5 minutes minimum prior to commencement of game), may involve a $25 fine, this is at the discretion of the Competition Administrators; pending a valid reason.


  1. There is a zero-tolerance to the abuse of umpires, any unfavourable behaviour will not be tolerated, and the player/s participating will be taken off the court at the umpire’s discretion. If there are any ongoing issues, a club representative must contact the Competition Administrator ASAP. Consequences may include a fine of $25, point loss for the team, and in extreme cases a ban for a period of time. This is not just applied to players but can be applied to spectators and coaches.
  2. Umpires will follow the correct game procedure according to the current Netball NSW rule book and all UNE variations.
  3. It is at the Competition Administrators’ discretion to appoint qualified umpires.
  4. It is at the discretion of the Competition Administrator to determine if umpires are not umpiring at the required standard of the grade. If this occurs umpires will be asked to umpire a lower grade. Umpires in C Grade will be put on probation and will be assessed the following round by the Competition Administrator or badged umpire.
  5. 54.Any Umpiring issues must be sent in an email to the Competition Administrators before the following round: providing time to resolve the issue.
  6. If the Competition Administrator is unable to find umpires for a Saturday competition, they will nominate teams to provide competent umpires.
  7. Failure to provide an umpire when requested by the Competition Administrator may result in a $25 fine.
  8. Unbadged umpires will receive a payment of $15 per match/ badged umpires will receive a payment of $20 per match. The amount of the payment may change due to the level of the umpire’s badge, at the discretion of the Competition Administrator.
  9. Umpires for the Wednesday mixed comp will be paid $15 a game regardless of being badged or unbadged.