SUFL | Football League

SportUNE Football League is the exciting new senior and junior competition for 2021 in the New England.

The competition comprises of clubs from Guyra, Uralla, and numerous Armidale based clubs of Armidale City Westside, Demon Knights, East Armidale, North Armidale, South Armidale, PLC, and TAS, that provide team competitions from five years old up to senior 1st-grade division.


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Please note our competitions will be following the NSW Public Health OrderNSW Office of Sport, and University guidelines, complying with all COVID-19 restrictions.

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How to enter your team in the SportUNE Football League

Each team is a little bit different you will find all existing clubs here. Simply click on your team and follow the prompts to join and complete your registration as well as pay your membership fee.

Game locations

SportUNE Football League plays at a number of locations across the New England Region, some of the regular fields include;

2020 Season kick off

We are currently working on the competition release dates. Please register you interest now.

SUFL Competition Rules & Regulations 2020

All teams must read the SportUNE Football League Competition Rules & Regulations 2020.


View SUFL rules


Please listen to your referees at all times.


SportUNE Football league covers all ages and has players from 6 years up.

Junior players are 5-16 yrs
Adult players 16yrs+

Please note: To begin playing, the player must be turning 5 the year he/she wishes to commence. 

Team sizes

Team sizes are decided by each individual club and how many subs they would like, the maximum size is usually around 16 per adult squad.

Minimum team sizes:

  • 5-7 yr | 4 players on the field
  • 8-9yr | 7 players on the field
  • 10 yr | 9 players on the field
  • 11-16yr | 11 players on the field

Who can join the competition?

SportUNE Football League is a community competition, and we welcome anyone to register.

Find your team here.

What do you need to play?

At each match all players are required to have/wear;

  • Uniform
  • Football boots
  • Shin pads
  • A mouth guard
  • A water bottle

Caution card information

Red and yellow card or send off offences are decided by the match referee.

Contact details

Each club will have its own specific contact please find these in your club link here.


For any other information about SportUNE Football League please reach out to the Football League Managers;

Alan Gray
Mobile: 0401 642 583

Graham Parsons
Mobile: 0429 322 630


COVID updates

All SportUNE Football League Clubs must have an approved COVID Safe activity plans.

  • Each Football League Club has to submit a COVID-Safe Activity Plan, that has been approved by The University of New England. Guidelines as advised by the NSW Government and the FFA.
  • Participants should only arrive at their match or training close to the start time to avoid unnecessary congregating.
  • Participants must maintain 1.5m physical distancing requirements, ensure good hygiene practices are maintained and follow the directional signage at all times.
  • Clubs are responsible for the safe and appropriate delivery of the training session, in accordance with their approved COVID-Safe Activity Plan. SportUNE staff and UNELife Safety, Security & Information officers will also be patrolling if further assistance is required.
  • For more Government information please visit NSW Health website.

These guidelines will be under constant review and updated frequently to ensure a safe staged approach.




View all of SportUNE’s COVID measures here.

Match Official Send-Off Expulsion Report

If a send-off occours in any seniors, 16, 14 and 12 divisions a Match Official Send-Off Expulsion Report must be completed.

Fill in Report

Incident Report

All injury/incidents/near misses relating the SportUNE Football League competitions MUST be reported as soon as reasonably practicable.

For Insurance purposes, injury reports must be completed within 72 hours of the incident occurring.

Complete Incident Report