Twilight Soccer Competition

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Soccer is a sport that whole nations stop to watch.

Instead of just watching this year, why not join in the fun and get a team together for SportUNE’s seven-a-side twilight competition.

It’s the perfect opportunity for social and competitive teams to get some fitness and meet new people.



Please note:

  • Registration’s close on Monday 6th October
  • Registration prices are for the team, not the individual
  • Each team needs 7 people to play, including subs. you can have up to 12 players in any team. 

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Things to note

Competition Dates

The SportUNE Twilight Competition will run on from October 13th October 2020 and will wrap up on December 10th.

Please note individual dates may vary with each division.


Registration’s close on Monday 6th October

  • Registration prices are for the team, not the individual
  • The competitions are 7 aside, and up to 12 players can be registered for any team.

Please note, payment is available at the front counter of SportUNE. 



Juniors: $400 per team (Max 12 Players)

Seniors: $600 per team (Max 12 Players)


No refunds will be issued after the competition starts, unless exceptional circumstances apply, and approval is given by the competition Administrator.

Only those players registered on a teams “Registration and Insurance Waiver Form 2020” are allowed to play. If the team needs to add player/s, or remove a player then add another player, the new player/s must register before they play by completing a Registration and Insurance Waiver Form 2020.

Team sizes

  • The maximum number of players permitted to take the field is seven (7) mixed must include at least 3 women on the field at all times.
  • The minimum number of players that can be fielded without incurring a forfeit is four (4).
  • The maximum registered players for any team are twelve (12).

At any one time, there will be 7 on the field.

Who can join the competition?

SportUNE Twilight Soccer Competition is a community competition, and we welcome anyone to register.

What do you need to play?

At each match all players are required to have/wear;

  • Uniform
  • Football boots
  • Shin pads
  • A water bottle
  • Completed the insurance waiver form

Registration and Insurance Waiver Form 2020

Each team must complete the registration and insurance waiver form before being able to play in the competition.

Your team captain should arrange this.


Downlad the form

Caution card information

Red and yellow card or send off offences are decided by the match referee and fall under FIFA Laws of the game.

Incident Report

All injury/incidents/near misses relating the SportUNE Twilight Soccer falls under the Football League competitions.

Incidents MUST be completed within 72 hours of the incident occurring.



Match Official Send-Off Expulsion Report

If a send-off occours in any game a Match Official Send-Off Expulsion Report must be completed and returned to SportUNE Football League for governance.



LOCATION: Consett Davis Playing Fields, SportUNE

SportUNE, Armidale, NSW