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Swimming Pool


Our brand new pool uses a state-of-the-art geothermal base heating system. It’s pretty special, as this system is the largest of its type in rural and regional Australia. At 25 metres in length with 6 lanes, it’s the perfect place to enhance your fitness!

The heating system we use is programmed to regulate temperature across the extreme variations of weather experienced in Armidale.
It utilises the earth’s core to produce heat to regulate the temperature. And has been implemented with UNE’s sustainability measures in mind.

This system will reduce SportUNE’s annual CO2 emissions by approximately 197,000kg, which is equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by 8,000 trees.

Enrolments are open for SportUNE’s Swim School!

Our swim school includes programs for children through to adults and cater to beginners and confident swimmers. Clink the button below to see what classes we have on offer.


Swim School Info


The pool is available to all SportUNE members for lap and social swimming.



The pool is available to all SportUNE members for lap and social swimming.

For bookings of the entire pool facility, or use of our pool inflatable, please send an enquiry through to our customer service team.

Casual Swimming Hours

Casual visits are available on the weekend from 2-5.

Members can access the pool throughout the week and on the weekend.


Swim School

The Swim School is kicking off with a soft launch in May.

Due to demand, we’ve arranged a few children’s and adult classes to start in Term 2.

The full array of classes will launch in Term 3. Enrolments are available now.


Swim School Info


Aqua Classes

We are currently offering a weekly aqua class available to members and guests, you can book in online and view the timetable here.


View the Group Fitness timetable

Pool Etiquette

During peak times, you may be required to share a lane.

Please follow the below rules:

1. Look for an open lane

2.If sharing a lane, ask the swimmer if they would like to split or circle swim.
Splitting a lane: 2 people per lane, each person takes a side of the lane (right or left)
Circle swimming: 2 – 3 people per lane, swim down the left side each way. Stay close to the lane so people are able to pass if required.

3. If you are joining a lane, ensure the swimmers are aware that you are getting in

4. If you would rather not share a lane, please swim at off-peak times

5. Slower swimmers should yield faster swimmers 

6.Resting: If you stop to rest, move to the corner of the lane where you approach the wall rather than in the middle of the lane. It makes it easier for those swimming to get around you.