Fancy something a little different this season? SportUNE are proud to announce the introduction of Oztag to our community sport offerings.

We are focused on providing an accessible competition to all, that builds upon the success of regional community competitions and team spirit.



Updates on this year’s competition in alignment with COVID-19 return to train and playing guidelines will be made available once confirmed by competition management and club delegates.  


Registrations are now open for Armidales first Oztag competition. Don’t miss out on playing an awesome mixed competition with the entire community. #ActivateYourUNELife

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Things you need to know

What is Oztag?

Oztag is the latest craze in recreational sport that now has competitions running all over Australia, with the largest areas located in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

It is a non-tackling game. Normal dimensions of the field are 70 metres x 50 metres. Two fields will fit on one rugby or soccer field. Eight players in each team are on the field at any one time. Players wear shorts with a Velcro patch on each side. A strip of cloth is attached to the Velcro, known as a tag. The object of the game is to score tries. Defenders prevent this by tagging the ball carrier, removing the tag from the shorts.

In Oztag football the attacking team has six plays or tags to try and score a try or promote the ball down field as close to the line as possible. The game is exciting due to the fact of the tagging situation which can be difficult to remove. The invention of the tag also prevents phantom calls.

All skills are utilised in Oztag football including kicking. Passing becomes an attacking weapon, and if a player is put into a gap, there is a high probability they will make a clean break. When attacking the line, fancy moves such as around-the-corner passes work well, often making the defender stoop low to remove the tag.

The game is low/medium-contact sport and the rules are designed to encourage this – you cannot, as an attacker. run straight at a defender, you must run at the gaps. A defender cannot impede the progress of an attacker, so if you try to get a tag and bump the attacker you may well be penalised. The rule is whoever initiates contact will be penalised.

The rules allow for the ball to go to ground with the advantage rule applying – this results in a lot of broken-field play. Teams kick off to commence play and restart play after a try has been scored. Line drop-outs are taken from the centre of the try line. Kicking in general play is allowed but it must be below the shoulder height of the referee.

Games are usually played over 40 minutes, two twenty-minute halves. Times may be varied to suit age groups and conditions.

How can I register a team


  1. Team captain’s, simply click HERE.
  2. Select “Register New Team” and you can register a team name for the comp.
  3. This will give you a unique Team Invitation Code to send to your players, allowing them to register and join your team!

How can I register a player


  1. Players simply select “Join Team” (or follow the invitation code you sent them) and paste the link from your team captain in the box provided!

Oztag rules


All rules can be found here

The Basics

  • Oztag is a non-tackling version of rugby league. Maximum of 8 players at any one time.
  • Defender must remove one or both tags to stop attacker’s progress. He/She then holds up the tag and drops it to the ground marking where the play the ball should occur.
  • There is a marker in the play the ball.
  • Defence must be back seven metres.
  • Defensive line can move forward only when dummy half touches the ball. Dummy half can run and be tagged with the ball.
  • Six tags/plays to promote ball before changeover.
  • An attacker must stop and play the ball if he is in possession with only one tag on.
  • The only persons able to promote the ball with one tag on are the dummy half, and the player taking the tap (as long as they do not take more than one step with the ball.
  • A knock back is play on, knock on advantage rule applies – same as league.
  • An attacker must stop and play the ball if he is in possession with only one tag on.
  • The only persons able to promote the ball with one tag on are the dummy half, and the player taking the tap (as long as they do not take more than one step with the ball.
  • The game is non-contact the attacker cannot deliberately bump into defender. A defender cannot change direction and move into attacker’s path. Whoever initiates contact will be penalised. The onus is on the attacking player to avoid defender.
  • The ball carrier is not allowed to protect his tag or fend off defenders.
  • A try is awarded to the attacking team when they ground the ball on or over the try line.
  • Simultaneous tag is play on. (If the referee is unable to decide, the pass is allowed – play on. The advantage goes to attacking team.)
  • An attacker may pass the ball over his/her try-line to a team mate who may run the ball out. If the ball is dropped, the ball is deemed dead. A player in possession may run behind his try-line and back out into the field of play.
  • Players can dive to score a try, however, if this player touches the ground with the knees or arms before the try line or slides across the line and a defender is within tagging distance a try is disallowed and a tag is counted.
  • A player can go down on their knees to score a try over the try line.


  • A team may kick the ball before the initial tag is made. (e.g.: a team picks up the ball in general play from a kickoff, knock- on, loose ball etc.. may kick the ball before being tagged) Once a tag has been made, the ball may not be kicked again till after the fourth tag.
  • Kicks in General play cannot be above the shoulder height of the referee. Attacking team cannot dive on a kicked ball in any situation, but can kick on.
  • Kick offs and line drop outs. If the ball lands in the field of play and then rolls across the try line whether touched or not a line drop out occurs. Try line becomes the dead ball line for all kicks.
  • If the ball is kicked or passed into the referee, the referee will order a changeover where he was struck.


  • Unsportsmanlike conduct covers the behaviour and attitude of players on the field and may result in penalty, sin bin or dismissal.
  • The Australian Oztag Sports Association has and will hand out lengthy penalties for fighting.

Click here to download the full official Oztag rule book.

Who can join?

Our first season will host a mixed competition, 15+ years.

Register online here.


Become a referee

Oztag season is just around the corner, if you love Oztag and you’re looking for a little bit of weekend pocket money doing something you love, register as a referee today.


How long is a game?

Games are usually played over 40 minutes, consisting of two twenty-minute halves.


Registration is $50 per person. Each player will need an email address to register, you can register online here.


Register your team

2021 Season kick off

2021 Season kick off has been postponed due to COVID restrictions and will now kick off on the 19th of July 2021.

The season will run for 10 weeks + 2 weeks of finals.



When do we play Oztag?

Games will be on Monday nights at SportUNE from 6-8 pm, until September.

The season will have finals.

Game locations

All SportUNE Oztag games will be held at Consett Davis Fields, SportUNE

Team sizes

Minimum team size of 10, 8 on a field at any time.

The maximum team size is 14.

Incident Report

All injury/incidents/near misses relating the SportUNE Oztag or community competitions MUST be reported as soon as reasonably practicable.

For Insurance purposes, injury reports must be completed within 72 hours of the incident occurring.


Equipment needed

To play Oztag you will need the following equipment;

  • Team shirt
  • Oztag branded shorts or tights (available when you register OR at SportUNE counter)
  • Sporting shoes or boots – no metal studs allowed
  • Water bottle

Please note:

  • Teams must source their own team shirts – they must all be the same colour.
  • Teams can source advertisers to help cover any screen printing.
  • Oztag branded shorts or tights will be available to purchase at SportUNE for $35, they can also be purchased when you register.

Oztag branded shorts or tights

Oztag branded shorts or tights must be worn in this competition.

You are able to purchase the Oztag shorts or tights when you register as a player. Alternatively, you can pop into SportUNE and place an order over the counter.

All orders can be collected from SportUNE’s front counter.

Oztag Official Unisex Shorts (Polyester – Red/Black – Playing Shorts) $35.00 

Oztag Shorts


Oztag Official Female Tights (Lycra – Plain Black – Bike Shorts) $35.00

Oztag Tights


Register HERE



If you have any questions, please reach out to;

Justin Shaw, SportUNE
Phone: 02 6773 1694
Email: jshaw41@une.edu.au