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COVID-19 Conditions of Entry

To ensure that the health and safety of our community and staff we have introduced a range of new measures – that will change upon frequent review. This page will outline the guidelines advised by NSW Government, SportUNE and the University of New England to allow and ensure a safe and sustainable reopening of SportUNE’s facilities to our members and guests.

Please make yourself familiar with the latest conditions of entry below.

Conditions of Entry

The Wellness Hub

As with all exercise, completing any of the online workouts or virtual classes provided by the SportUNE Wellness Hub carries an inherent risk of physical injury.

By choosing to participate you agree to accept this risk, and understand that SportUNE does not accept any liability with regards to the specific exercises or advice provided.

All exercise programs and guidelines contained here are general in nature, and can’t account for individual needs with regards to pre-existing injuries or health problems. We strongly encourage you to use common sense, and exercise at a level appropriate to you.

If you have any concerns about undertaking physical exercise, please consult with a medical professional before taking part.

Strava Club - Competition Rules

These are the Terms & Conditions for the SportUNE Wellness Hub competitions. These Terms & Conditions comply with and fall under the laws of New South Wales, Australia.


  1. The SportUNE Wellness Hub, Strava Club aims for broad engagement and is open to everyone and anyone.


  1. All members of the SportUNE Wellness Hub Strava Club are eligible for an achievement award.
  2. To join the club, individuals need to download the Strava App, connect with the club and upload their exercise sessions via the Strava App.
  3. Members agree to undertake exercise sessions with safely and with common sense, and to engage with other club members in a positive manner at all times. Members may be removed from the club at any time if they do not abide by these conditions.


  1. Winners of the achievement awards will be selected by at least two of the administrators of the SportUNE Wellness Hub Strava Club.
  2. Winners will be chosen based on both the amount & quality of exercise sessions posted within the given timeframe of the award (e.g. 1 week), as well as the amount of ‘engagement’ the individual has undertaken within the club.


  1. A SportUNE merchandise pack will given as the prize for the achievement award.
  2. The merchandise pack will be valued at a maximum total of $100 AUD.


  1. There are a number of different ways that club members may be notified, all requesting that the participant make contact with SportUNE to organize delivery of the prize pack:
    1. The winner for each achievement award will first be posted within the Strava App.
    2. A social media post about the achievement award may be made on Facebook &/or Instagram.
    3. The winner may be contacted via phone or email if these details are known.
    4. If the participant doesn’t make contact with SportUNE, the Strava Club administrators may attempt to contact them via a direct message from within the Strava App. If the participant hasn’t been contactable within two weeks, SportUNE management reserve the right to award the achievement award to the next participant.

Conduct whilst at SportUNE

  1. It is the patron’s responsibility to observe and abide by SportUNE’s rules, policies, and procedures, as well as those directions given by SportUNE staff and agents.
  2. Offensive language, disruptive behaviour, acts of indecency, or misuse of membership/equipment may result in the patron being asked to leave, or suspension or cancellation of membership (without refund). Such conduct will be determined by SportUNE management

Access, Use, & Apparel

  1. Access to the SportUNE centre is available during advertised times only and may differ depending on facilities.
  2. Entry to all SportUNE facilities is via reception, and after your admission is recorded on the SportUNE point of sale system.
  3. No professional personal training services may be provided without written approval of SportUNE management.
  4. Patrons should depart the gym 10 minutes prior to SportUNE’s closing time
  5. Patrons should exit the SportUNE pool 15 minutes prior to SportUNE’s closing time.
  6. Towels must be taken into the gym and used on the equipment during a workout.
  7. Patrons must wipe equipment after each occasion of use with gym wipes provided.
  8. For health reasons, personal hygiene must be maintained at all times. This includes the use of deodorant.
  9. A minimum of a singlet top or crop top and shorts at all times in the gym.
  10. Covered footwear to be worn at all times. Sandals and thongs are not permitted.
  11. Unacceptable exercise attire includes denim, jeans, sandals, thongs, high heeled shoes, etc.
  12. Bags are to be left in lockers or baggage compartments provided.
  13. Facility access, including the use of specific equipment, may be restricted to some patrons if it is deemed that their capacity is not to a standard required for the use of such facilities or equipment. This assessment may be made by SportUNE staff at any time.
  14. SportUNE will provide access to carers and companions who present the National Companion Card or are deemed to be acting as a legitimate carer for a new or existing member of SportUNE. This access is at no charge.
  15. SportUNE reserves the right, and may be required, to close any of our facilities at any time for upgrades or maintenance without due notice given to members.

Gym Equipment

  1. All weights must be placed back in the racks provided on completion of their use.
  2. Weights must not be dropped on the floor.
  3. Patrons should complete the booking board for the cardiovascular equipment BEFORE using the cardiovascular equipment.
  4. Patrons should vacate equipment when not in use (i.e. do not rest on machines).
  5. Patrons engaging in boxing activity, or other activities that require equipment or attire supplied by SportUNE should wear inner gloves and other protective gear as it is supplied.
  6. Patrons should reserve/use only ONE piece of equipment at any time, unless approval is obtained from gym staff on duty.
  7. The volume of the audio in SportUNE’s strength and conditioning gym is centrally controlled at optimum levels and will not be adjusted at the request of members.

SportUNE Pool

  1. Access to the pool is allowed during allocated times and is subject to change based on bookings, swim schools, and group fitness classes. A timetable reflecting any changes to availability will be regularly provided.
  2. All patrons must shower prior to entering the pool
  3. Lanes are not available for exclusive use, unless designated as a booking by SportUNE staff, and patrons must demonstrate courtesy in this shared space.
  4. SportUNE staff may on occasion ask pool users to make adjustments to their swim or lanes in use if deemed necessary by those staff.
  5. Patrons may be restricted from entering the pool if they have a wound/cut that is uncovered and not water tight.
  6. Casual use of the pool is charged as a single entry visit and is restricted to designated casual swimming hours where a lifeguard is on duty, unless they are a guest of a member and granted access under the relevant section in these terms and conditions.
  7. Children under 10 years of age will not be allowed entry unless they are under the direct supervision of a responsible person 16 years or older.
  8. Subject to the discretion of SportUNE staff, a member of SportUNE may have one (1) guest accompany them to use the pool facilities in members only swim time provided that:
    1. The member is a current SportUNE member
    2. The guest provides proof that they do not live locally i.e. within 50 kms of Armidale
    3. A casual waiver is completed by the guest
    4. The guest pays the casual pool entry rate
    5. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that at all times the guest adheres to the terms and conditions of SportUNE
  1. Subject to the discretion of SportUNE staff, a member of SportUNE may have their dependents accompany them to use the pool facilities in members only swim time provided that:
    1. The dependents are under the age of 15
    2. Evidence of relationship is provided if requested
    3. The member pays the casual pool rate for each dependent.
  1. Pool equipment (noodles, back bubbles, aqua belts, dumb bells, etc.) can only be used in authorised SportUNE programs/times or at the discretion of SportUNE staff.
  2. Non-SportUNE equipment can only be used with prior approval from SportUNE staff.
  3. Children under 10 using change room facilities are to be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  4. Children who are not toilet-trained are to have an adult with them at all times when they are using the toilet facilities.
  5. Children 3 years of age and under must wear a nappy within the pool and pool area.
  6. No professional swim instruction is to be given without written approval from SportUNE
  7. The SportUNE pool is heated to a temperature usually existing between 26 – 28 degrees Celsius and cannot be altered on request. Circumstances beyond the control of SportUNE may, on occasion, affect this temperate and SportUNE will do its best to communicate this change.

Age Restrictions in strength and conditioning gym

Special conditions apply for entry of patrons between aged 12 and 15 years into the strength and conditioning gym, which are below:

  • parent/guardian approval is provided, and
  • suitability has been assessed by SportUNE staff, and/or
  • a doctor’s referral is provided, and
  • Constant supervision is provided by a parent or guardian and/or,
  • a gym attendant is on duty

Entry under the age of 15 years can further be granted if the child is a part of a scheduled program or a participant in:

  • A sporting team, junior athletics squad, school group
  • A special physical activity program conducted by the centre
  • A water or swim class
  • Other supervised or structured activities


  1. All patrons should inform SportUNE staff of any special requirements that exist or develop, prior to your visit to SportUNE so that we may better accommodate your needs.


  1. The completion of a pre-exercise screening questionnaire is required by all new members or previous members whose membership has been expired for a period of greater than twelve months.
  2. It is the member’s responsibility to provide SportUNE staff with all relevant medical history, including any restrictions, whether requested or not.
  3. It is at the member’s own risk that he/she uses Sport UNE’s facilities, and members therefore agree to release, to the fullest extent permitted by the law, SportUNE, its staff and agents, from all claims and demands of whatever kind which may arise from his/her use of SportUNE’s facilities.
  4. The minimum age for membership to SportUNE is 15 years and above. Exceptions may be granted in line with the “Age Restrictions” section of these terms and conditions.
  5. SportUNE student memberships are only allocated to students of the University of New England, local high school students.
  6. Staff members of the University of New England join SportUNE as community members.
  7. Memberships are not transferable, however may be permissible in extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of SportUNE management.
  8. A member’s ID card or name is not to be used by any other person other than the member to whom the membership has been issued. Doing so would constitute misuse of membership under these terms and conditions and penalties applied accordingly.
  9. Members must notify SportUNE if contact or other details recorded on their membership, changes.
  10. All new and recommencing memberships are entitled to be refunded if cancelled within a cooling off period of seven (7) days.
  11. UNE scheduled closure over the Christmas/New Year break is calculated and included in all membership options.
  12. SportUNE reserves the right to alter pricing at any time during the term of an individual’s membership.
  13. SportUNE reserves the right to alter the membership agreement at any time, with due notice given to members.
  14. Consideration of impact of COVID-19 on SportUNE memberships
    • UNE Life and SportUNE acknowledge that the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and associated restrictions to business have affected SportUNE members and has changed aspects of SportUNE’s business as usual.
    • SportUNE recognises that some services might continue to be altered as a result of COVID-19 or other changes that the centre has had to make. Where it is deemed that the service has altered to the point where the value a member expected to receive has now changed, SportUNE will remain flexible when considering the cancellation with refund, or further suspension of members who meet this criteria.

Membership Holds

  1. Membership holds are available for memberships which are 3 months or longer
  2. The maximum aggregate period a membership can be placed on hold is:
    • Four (4) weeks on a 3 month membership,
    • Six (6) weeks on a 6 month membership,
    • Seven (7) weeks on a 9 month membership and,
    • Eight (8) weeks on a 12 month membership
  1. The minimum hold period is two (2) weeks
  2. Memberships cannot be placed on hold within the final two (2) weeks of membership
  3. All holds must be made prior to the event; retrospective holds will not be granted
  4. Membership holds may only be granted on the following grounds:
    • Medical
    • Work related absence, or
    • University practical engagements outside of the local area (the local area is deemed to be a radius of more than 50 kilometres from Armidale)
  1. Documentation must be provided upon request by SportUNE staff
  2. Other requests, or variations to the above, may be granted at the discretion of SportUNE management

Membership Cancellation

  1. Cancellation of membership requests should be forwarded via email to sportune@une.edu.au.
  2. Direct debit option memberships that are cancelled during the first 12 months of the term will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to two 8 weeks membership fee.
  3. The cancellation fee of a direct debit membership is not applicable if the member is cancelling the direct debit membership to transfer to an upfront membership of 3 months or more.
  4. Memberships subject to the direct debit option may be cancelled by providing 14 days’ written notice to SportUNE.
  5. In respect of cancellations of memberships, facility packs & programs that have been paid upfront, no refunds will be provided, unless under extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of SportUNE management.

Salary Sacrifice Eligibility

To be eligible for staff salary sacrifice;

  1. The staff member must be a current employee of UNE;
  2. They must be purchasing a 12-month membership;
  3. They must hold either a permanent or fixed-term appointment (guaranteed income each fortnight);
  4. This appointment must not be due to cease before they will have paid off their membership, that is, during the next 4 paydays. If the staff member ceases employment during the next 4 paydays, section 4 of the Agreement will be activated; and
  5. If a staff member decides to salary sacrifice their gym membership, they will not be able to claim it on their health insurance.

Security Surveillance

Members and guests of SportUNE acknowledge that SportUNE utilises a surveillance camera system in certain areas of the centre. This system is used for security, and safety purposes but does not guarantee against harm.

Special offers & promotions

20% Family Discount

    1. When two or more people who are related sign up at the same time, one member pays full price and all other members will receive 20% off the price of the their membership.
    2. The family discount does not roll over automatically when a membership expires, the criteria must be satisfied each time a renewal is done.
    3. Discount only available when the following criteria are satisfied;
      1. Must be family members
      2. All parties must be under the community membership NOT student
      3. All parties must sign up at the same time
      4. All parties must be present at the time of signing up
      5. All parties must be 15 or over, if under 15, satisfy the terms and conditions of age restrictions
  1. Offer excludes 1 month and direct debit memberships
  2. Discount may apply to more than 2 family members i.e. if there is 4 in a family and they all sign up, only one will pay full price

7 Day Free Trial

    1. This offer is valid for a maximum of 7 consecutive days.
    2. This offer is limited to one trial pass, per person and does not allow the attendance of guests or dependents as provided in this policy.
    3. Only first-time guests of SportUNE are eligible to participate in the 7 Day Free Trial. SportUNE staff may rely on historical records, or personal experience to determine this eligibility.
    4. This pass is not redeemable for cash, or transferrable.

Corporate Memberships and Entitlements

Australian Defence Force

    1. Full-time personnel posted to Armidale within the 12th/16th Hunter River Lancers or the University of New South Wales Regiment shall be entitled to a complimentary full membership at SportUNE.
    2. Reservists and Officer Cadets of the above Regiments shall be entitled to a 20% discount off the full price of a SportUNE membership
    3. To validate these postings, written confirmation should be provided by the Regiment’s Warrant Officer or other appropriate authority.

Corporate memberships and discounts by prior arrangement

      1. Businesses may enter into a commercial arrangement with SportUNE, and be arrange for third-party billing on behalf of employees of their business.
      2. The terms of these arrangements and any associated benefits are created in consultation with, and applied directly to, the business with which SportUNE has the arrangement.

Lost Property

  1. Lost property that is found by SportUNE staff, or handed to SportUNE reception, will be retained for 14 days, after which it will be provided to charity.
  2. Where possible, SportUNE staff will attempt to contact the patron if identifiable, however it is the responsibility of the patron to enquire with SportUNE reception about any lost property.


  1. We take your privacy seriously. We do not pass your information onto any other business. If you do not wish to receive email, SMS or mail correspondence from us regarding your membership, special offers or promotions then please send us an email or letter confirming that you wish to unsubscribe from such methods of communication.
  2. Please contact us for a copy of our privacy policy.

Conditions of booking of SportUNE Facilities & Equipment (including fields)

  1. Applications for facility & equipment usage should be made at least 21 days prior to the event.
  2. Application for facility & equipment usage does not guarantee a booking. Bookings are only confirmed upon receipt of signed hire agreement.
  3. Once a booking has been confirmed, hire fees must be paid at least one (1) working day prior to the event (unless prior arrangements have been made with SportUNE).
  4. Cancellation of any bookings must be advised as soon as possible to SportUNE by email.
  5. Cancellations with a notification period of less than 7 working days will incur a booking fee.
  6. Bookings cancelled more than 7 days in advance will be reimbursed in full less an administrative fee of $20 (up to a maximum of 50% of the booking fee).
  7. Cancellation more than 30 days from the booking date will incur no penalty.
  8. Failure to notify SportUNE by the appropriate means of cancellation will incur full fee.
  9. Original insurance certificate of currency must be sighted by SportUNE prior to the event for bookings requiring public liability insurance of a minimum ten million dollars.
  10. The booking fee for facilities will be in accordance with the current fees schedule unless otherwise agreed upon.
  11. One “session” equals one hour. Rooms can be booked for a minimum period of one hour.
  12. Any damages to fixtures, furniture or equipment, other than through fair wear and tear, will be repaired by SportUNE at the cost of the organisation concerned.
  13. All facilities and equipment are to be left in a clean and tidy condition.
  14. When hiring the carpet tiles:
    1. (dry) the person hiring the tiles must arrange the transport to and from SportUNE and the cleaning and drying of all the tiles before they are returned to SportUNE.
    2. (wet) SportUNE will arrange the delivery, return and washing of the tiles.
    3. Damaged or missing tiles to be replaced by SportUNE at the cost of the organisation hiring the tiles.
  1. Organisations using facilities after 8pm are requested to keep noise to a minimum.
  2. Hire agreement can only be signed by the main contact and/or hirer as outlined in the booking form provided at the time of booking.


Breach of terms and conditions & appeal

  1. Breach of these terms and conditions may result in one of the below penalties:
    1. The patron being asked to immediately leave the SportUNE facility,
    2. a suspension applied to a membership for a period of time (which is not credited as a hold) as deemed appropriate by SportUNE management,
    3. Cancellation of a membership for a period of time as deemed appropriate by SportUNE management.
  1. Members wishing to appeal decisions may do so by writing to the management of UNE Life (unelife@une.edu.au), and request further investigation into the matter causing penalty.
  2. The decision of the UNE Life management shall be final.

If deemed appropriate, a refund may be offered at the discretion of SportUNE or UNE Life management for a cancellation of membership.