About Us

SportUNE contributes substantially to the wellbeing of the University and the regional community. We provide leadership by encouraging regular programs in sport and exercise and maintaining a diverse range of high-quality sporting, fitness, and health facilities.

From modest beginnings in 1938, we’re proud to say that SportUNE has developed into a major sporting facility that sits comfortably amongst the finest in the country, and well above average in most rural and regional areas.

Our student participation rates are amongst the highest of any Australian University and we pride ourselves on our extensive community involvement with exercise and health programs.

SportUNE is committed  to:

  • Enhancing the reputation and profile of the University by maintaining and marketing first-rate facilities in sport and physical wellbeing.
  • Adding value to the educational experience of students through the development of ‘life skills’ via Club and Committee involvement, and participation in sports administration, coaching, refereeing, and other accreditation courses.
  • Working closely with the University to enhance facilities for academic programs in Sport & Exercise Science and Education.
  • Cooperating with the local community to develop sports facilities and programs that benefit the region.
  • Heightening participation in a wide range of sport, fitness, and physical recreation activities by university staff, students and the wider community.
  • Educating our members in the value to their health and wellbeing of regular lifelong participation in exercise.
  • Encouraging our talented UNE athletes to achieve excellence in performance and represent the University in the region’s highest level of competition.
  • Developing strong links with elite state and national sporting bodies.
  • Developing and upgrading SportUNE facilities, and maintaining them to the highest possible standards.
  • Providing a stimulating work environment and fostering the development of our staff.

SportUNE is a trading name of UNE Life, a non-profit organisation and a controlled entity of the University of New England within the meaning of the Public Finance and Audit Act 1983 and the University of New England Act 1993.

We employ over 40 staff from the UNE student body and the wider community, offering expertise across a broad range of disciplines.  Our employees are passionate about sharing their knowledge of fitness and physical wellbeing and look forward to welcoming you to our centre.

“Find your balance”

This motto has been adopted at SportUNE with the aim of highlighting the desirable equilibrium between academic work and physical pursuits in life.