UNE Student Membership Prices

1 month$88.00
3 month$190.00
6 month$290.00
9 month $420.00
12 month$515.00
Direct Debit$12.00 per week

Remember to bring:

  • Photo ID.
  • Student card, if any (Student ID)


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Community Membership Prices

1 month$95.00
3 month$240.00
6 month$370.00
12 month$645.00
Direct Debit$15.00 per week

Remember to bring:

  • Photo ID
  • Concession cards, if any (Student ID/Staff ID/Aged Pensioner Card)


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Other students / Pensioner / Concession Membership Prices

DurationPriceDirect Debit
1 Month$90
3 Month$228
6 Month$350
12 Month$628$14 per week

Remember to bring:

  • Photo ID
  • Concession cards, if any (Student ID/Staff ID/Aged Pensioner Card)


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Salary Sacrifice & Corporate Programs Prices

As a UNE staff member or a member of one of our Corporate Programs, you have access to cheaper membership options.

UNE Staff Members

Will need to complete the UNE Salary Sacrifice Form and deliver to the SportUNE reception.
Download the UNE Salary Sacrifice form.

Corporate Program Partners 

Will contact us via phone (02) 6773 3856 or email sportune@une.edu.au, and let us know which company you’re a part of – we will then contact your team and get your membership organised. Find more about our Corporate Program here.

Salary Sacrifice Explained

A salary sacrifice arrangement is when you agree to forego part of your gross salary, each pay period, in return for benefits of a similar value. However, the best thing is that these benefits are paid out of your pre-tax salary.

A salary sacrifice arrangement for SportUNE Annual Membership Fees reduces your annual gross taxable income by the amount of the annual gym membership benefit, which means you only pay tax on the remaining gross income.

It allows the benefit amount to be tax-free i.e. four fortnightly pay period payments for SportUNE membership would be subtracted off your gross salary from UNE, with PAYG income tax withholding applied only on the remaining gross income. 

For example;

  • 4 x $161.25 (excluding locker hire – $645 annually)
  • 4 x $187.50 (including locker hire – $750 annually).  


At the end of the 2024 financial year, Terry, a professional staff member at UNE, has a gross income of $90,802 (HEO Level 6.4), but because $750 has been salary sacrificed (he has entered a salary sacrifice arrangement for SportUNE Annual Membership Fees during the year), only $90,052 is counted as assessable income and taxed at his regular tax rate. The $750 he salary sacrificed is tax free.

Without salary sacrificing (2023/2024)

Less: Salary sacrificena
Assessable Salary$90,802
Total tax payable$19,978

With salary sacrificing (2023/2024)

Less: Salary sacrifice$750
Assessable Salary$90,052
Total tax payable$19,734

By salary sacrificing just $750 per year, Terry saves $244 in tax

*Please note that the above information is not intended as tax or financial advice. Employees should seek personalised guidance on their specific situation from qualified professionals.

Facility Prices

FacilityMember PriceCasual Price
Facility Day Pass
(Gym / Pool / Group Fitness)
TennisFREE$15.00 ph
Basketball HoopsFREE$5.50 ph
Squash (peak)FREE$17.00 ph
Squash (off-peak)FREE$14.00 ph
Badminton$10.50$14.50 ph
Table Tennis$8.00$10.00 ph
Climbing Wall$6.50$8.50 ph
Pickle Ball$10.50$14.50 ph


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Pool Prices

CategoryStudent MemberCommunity MemberCasual SchoolsCommunity Club
Adult (15+)FREEFREE$16.00n/an/a
5-15 yearsn/an/a$4.50$4.50n/a
Under 5 yearsn/an/a$2n/an/a
Per lane (per hour)n/an/an/a$30.00$30.00
Whole pool (per hour)n/an/a300150245


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7-day free trial

Sign up is easy – just contact us and express your interest. Enjoy full gym access, classes, and amenities for 7 days. Make an informed decision about your membership. No upfront fees or commitments. Explore diverse workouts, meet trainers, and dive into our vibrant community. Don’t miss this chance to dive into a healthier lifestyle at SportUNE!

Access our

  • state of the art gym
  • range of group fitness classes
  • state of the art geothermal pool
  • range of facilities, courts and fields

*Your free trial will be activated once you have completed the pre-exercise screening and brought into the facility on your first visit. After your weeks free trial you can simply opt to continue your membership and chose your preferred payment method.

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