The competition comprises of a range of UNE, school, and town clubs, and is a great way to make new friends and keep active. If you’re looking for a fun way to stay fit, joining our Saturday morning women’s or Wednesday evening mixed competitions will be sure to get your blood pumping.

Netball Advisory Committee

Are you passionate about netball? We want to keep the competitions at SportUNE in your hands. If you want to be part of the decision making process around Netball please fill out our expression of interest from



The SportUNE Netball Competition caters for players from 16 years and up.

Who can join the competition?

SportUNE Netball Competition is open to UNE students and the wider Armidale community, we welcome anyone of age to register.

Contact Details

For any other information about SportUNE Netball Competition please reach out to the Competition Managers;

Caitlin Bryce

Mobile: 0475 714 185



Substitute Player Form

A member who wishes to fill in for a higher division or for another team in the same division must fill in this form, and it must be approved before anyone takes to the court.

You can request to play in another division here.




Netball Umpire/Match Report

If an incident occurs during any game a Netball Umpire/Match Report must be completed.

Fill in Report

Incident Report

All injury/incidents/near misses relating SportUNE’s community competitions MUST be reported as soon as reasonably practicable.

For Insurance purposes, injury reports must be completed within 72 hours of the incident occurring.

Complete Incident Report

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct provides a set of principles and actions that all participants and the community can follow when participating or attending any SportUNE Netball Competition training, games, or events. This code of conduct is to assist in creating a safe and positive environment for everyone involved.  

If you are a player, parent, coach, official, spectator, or official, you have the ability to set the standards of behaviour that will assist in creating better people and communities through Netball allowing our great game to grow.

By adopting this and ensuring your actions reflect the code, you will ensure Netball will continue to be a positive experience for all participants.

All participants are required to abide by the Code of Conduct. This will ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience with and at our Netball games.

Code Of Conduct

SportUNE Saturday Women's Netball Rules

The UNE Netball Competitions will comply with all rules in the current Netball NSW rules along with some variations for the SportUNE competitions.

Age Restrictions

Age Restrictions

  •  Participants must be turning sixteen during the year of competition.
  • Fifteen-year old players may be eligible to play and must meet the following criteria:
    i) Their skill level must be at A reserve grade standard.
    ii) Formally apply to the competition administrator to participate in the competition.
  • Anyone under the age of eighteen years must be given parent/guardian permission.

Game Procedures

  • Correct uniform according to the registration details must be worn by round 3.
  •  If players wish to wear under clothes (e.g. skivvies, footless tights, or bike shorts) they must be black in colour. Under clothing must not be loose. This is at discretion of the umpires.
  • If two club teams are playing each other, both sets of bibs must be contrast (e.g. light and dark) or two completely different colours (e.g. pink and white). This is at discretion of the umpires.
  • All games will be timed individually on each court. Each game will consist of four twelve-minute quarters with a one-minute break at each quarter time and two minutes break at half-time. This is the responsibility of the team assigned to duty for the game.
  • All clubs that participate in the competition should attempt to register a team in all grades before putting more than one team into any grade.
  • There is a minimum of 9 players who must register for each team entered into the competition, with no maximum. Players cannot play down in grades.
  • If any grade has too many teams, the grade will be evenly split into pools.
  • If a grade with significant number of teams occurs and there is a skill difference a reserve grade will be made.
  • Substitute players can only play in one grade higher than their registered grade. Therefore, A grade players cannot play in any other grade.
  • A substitute player can play more than one game in a day.
  • Any substitute player can only play a maximum of three games above their registered grade. Once the player has taken the court a 3rd time, they will become a member of the higher grade and unable to play any lower grade. This includes players who play across different teams in the higher grade. i.e. C grade player plays for 3 different B grade teams, the C grade player will then need to move into one of the 3 B grade teams. Not adhering to this rule will result in a forfeit against the offending team and a fine of $50 to the club.
  • Players can play up to two games for another team in the same grade in any regular season game – this does not include final matches. Any further games after that will result in the player moving across teams. Not adhering to this rule will result in a forfeit against the offending team and a fine of $50 to the team/club.
  • Any player who is playing up a grade or across a grade must physically take the court, rather than just signing on, to count as one of their games; a substitute player form must also be filled out for the game.
  • Team lists and names need to be finalised and provided to SportUNE before commencement of round 3. Any additional players or changes throughout the season to teams will need to be approved by competition management after round 3.
  • If a team wants to dispute scoring/timing, it is their responsibility to stand with the team on duty to make sure procedure is followed accurately. If a team fails to do so, there will be no opportunity to dispute timing/scoring.
  • All players must sign on for each game, failure to do so will result in an invalid scoresheet and the team at fault will be given a forfeit.
  • If any injuries occur during the game it is the responsibility of umpires/duty team/players and coaches to ensure an incident report has been filled out and a SportUNE staff member has been advised.


Competition points are as follows:

i) Four points for a win

ii)  Two points for a draw

iii) Zero points for a loss

iv) Zero points for giving a forfeit before 12pm Friday

v) Zero points for giving a forfeit and a $50 fine to the club if after 12pm Friday before round commencement

vi) Four points for receiving a forfeit

vii) Two points each team for a washout

Finals Series

  • The date and times of the semi, preliminary and grand final cannot be changed (unless in extreme circumstances, with adequate notice in writing to SportUNE).
  • The final series in each grade will follow the format:

i) Semi Finals – 1 vs 2 & 3 vs 4

ii) Preliminary finals – Loser of 1 vs 2 & winner of 3 vs 4

iii) Grand final – winner of 1 vs 2 semi final vs Winner of preliminary final

  • To qualify to play in the finals, the player must have played 3 regular season games (for the team in the final match) throughout the current season and be fully registered through Unione.
  • If an unqualified player is found playing in a team other than the one they are registered in or are unregistered for any team during the finals, the team the player is found playing for will be withdrawn from the final series.
  • A player substitution form must be approved by the game’s umpires and/or SportUNE before the completion of the game.
  • For the safety of all game participants, when large crowds are present, a set distance will be enforced for the crowd. This is at the discretion of the umpires, SportUNE Staff & SportUNE.


The individual payment per player is as follows:

i) UNE Students $90

ii) High School Students $100

iii) iii) Community $110

  • Registration fees must be paid upfront before the commencement of round 3.
  • Individuals pay registration for the whole season – this means there will be no refunds. If you cannot complete the full season – valid reasons may be considered.
  • Incumbencies may be placed on the individual player in a team if payment is not received and any unpaid fees at the end of the regular season will be invoiced to the club for payment. This is at the discretion of SportUNE.
  • Clubs/Teams with outstanding finances (including any fines) will not be eligible for finals until payments have been made.
  • Clubs/Teams with outstanding debts will not be allowed to enter the competition in subsequent seasons, without financial arrangements with SportUNE and/or UNE Life.


  • On court discipline is at the discretion of the umpires. SportUNE will be informed of any disciplinary action and take further action if warranted.
  • SportUNE reserves the right to suspend any player based on any disciplinary action taken by any umpires, this will be followed strictly. Umpires will need fill out a report regarding the incident and this will be dealt with by SportUNE. Club representatives will be consulted and informed of outcomes.
  • Coaches/managers/administrators and spectators must follow the same behaviour protocol as player/s; absolutely no rowdy/inappropriate or aggressive behaviour will be tolerated.
  • No alcohol is to be consumed at any SportUNE netball venues. Smoking and vaping is also not allowed within the SportUNE facility and within 10 meters of the outdoor courts or SportUNE building.


  • The first two rounds of the competition, the competition administration reserves the right to regrade teams, not only based on the outcome of a match but also prior achievements and skill level.
    i) Changes may occur within grades after the 1st round is completed, this will provide the competition administration with an opportunity to observe the changes before grades are confirmed.
    ii) After the first two rounds of grading, all teams will be on zero at the start of round three, unless no changes to the grade was made.
  • Any regrading that is not approved by the team/club. A representative may contact the competition administration in writing to with a valid request and explanation as to why. However, the competition administration along with consultation from other clubs/teams if required will have the final say.

Adverse Weather

  • A washout is at SportUNE’s discretion. Club representatives will be notified and a post published onto the Facebook groups by 7:30am. Washout rounds will alternate between the higher and lower grades. A text message will also be sent to club contacts – it is imperative for clubs to provide a best contact number.
  • If weather conditions change during game play it is at the umpires, coaches and players discretion to continue with the game. If a game doesn’t commence or cannot be completed this must be noted on the back of the scoresheet and signed by both umpires & team captains.
  • If both teams cannot come to an agreement then the final decision falls to the umpires appointed to the game.
  • If the game is cancelled in the 1st half of the game then it will be treated as a washed out round and each team will be awarded two points. If the game is cancelled at halftime or thereafter, the game will be taken as completed and the scores will be taken as final.


  • If it is known by a team that they cannot field the minimum 5 players for the day to play, it is the club/team’s responsibility to contact the SportUNE by 12pm Friday to notify of the forfeit. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fine.
  • A forfeit on the day will be determined if one team cannot take the court with the minimum five players needed five minutes after the commencement of play. This will be determined by the umpires controlling the game. Fines of $50 will be issued to the forfeiting team and they must also pay for both umpires on the game in question.
  • Continued offences will result in the team being removed from the competition. This is at the discretion of SportUNE.

Duty Teams

  • To ensure that each round runs smoothly it is the decision of SportUNE to appoint teams to perform duty tasks.
  • Being on duty covers keeping score, timekeeping and from time to time may include umpiring.
  • It is the responsibility of the team on duty to ensure that all procedures are adhered to.
  • Failure to perform duty tasks appropriately or show up on time (5 minutes minimum prior to commencement of game, exceptions will be made for those players being held up due to playing/umpiring on previous games), will involve a $50 fine to the club and -1 point taken from the team they represent.


  • There is a zero tolerance to the abuse of umpires, any unfavourable behaviour will not be tolerated, and the player/s, coaches, managers, administration or spectators participating will be removed from the venue at the umpires or SportUNE’s discretion/request. If there are any ongoing issues, a club representative will be contacted by SportUNE and further consequences will be applied, this may include fines, point losses and even a ban. All of this will be determined by severity.
  • Umpires will follow correct game procedures according to the current Netball rule book and SportUNE variations to the best of their ability.
  • It is at SportUNE’s discretion to appoint umpires. It is at the discretion of the SportUNE to determine if umpires are not umpiring to the standard required of the grade. If this occurs, umpires will be asked to umpire a lower grade. Umpires in C grade will be put on probation and will be assessed the following round by SportUNE or badged umpire.
  • Any umpiring issues must be sent in an email to before the following round providing time to resolve the issue.
  • Umpire payments are as follows:

i) Unbadged $ 15

ii) UNE badge $20

iii) C badge $25

iv) B badge $30

  • If SportUNE is unable to find umpires for a Saturday game, it will fall to the teams allocated duty to provide the umpires.
  • Failure to provide an umpire when requested by SportUNE will result in a $50 fine.
  • If the game has only 1 umpire set down and the 2nd umpire is the duty team, the match fee will increase by $5 per game. If the duty teams fail to provide an umpire then the single umpire will be paid double their usual fee.
  • Duty teams that are required to provide an umpire will not be paid.
  • If SportUNE holds any umpire development sessions, it will be compulsory for a minimum of 1 member from every team to attend the umpire course – unless the team already has a badged umpire within their team who is willing to umpire games and has provided those details to SportUNE. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fine to the club.
  • Umpires that umpire a minimum of 12 games throughout the Saturday competition season, will have their registration reimbursed at the end of the season – up to the value of $90. In the event of too many umpires, those with higher skills will be given preference to games or the opportunity to coach the new umpires and will be compensated accordingly.