Water polo has gained popularity in recent years for good reason. It provides a unique opportunity for people of all skill levels to come together and enjoy a fun and challenging sport in the water. Twilight water polo stands out from other forms of water polo because of its emphasis on inclusivity and enjoyment.

What makes twilight water polo great is that it welcomes anyone who wants to play, regardless of experience.

The playful nature of the game can also be a great way to relax and forget about the stress of everyday life.


Twilight water polo offers mental health benefits as well. Being in the water is a great way to relieve stress and improve mental well-being. The combination of the water’s calming effect and the physical exertion of the sport can reduce anxiety and enhance overall health.

Dive in and improve your mental and physical fitness!

In terms of physical fitness, twilight water polo is an excellent full-body workout that improves cardiovascular health, builds strength and endurance, and can even aid in weight loss. It’s an enjoyable way to stay in shape while socializing with others who share a passion for the water.

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Other Active Sport Clubs

All clubs are open to the community, staff and students unless otherwise specified as a student-only club. Contact us with any questions if you are not sure!

UNE Outdoor Adventure Club

UNE OAC — Go Wild for a While!
Join to go climbing, hiking, caving, and camping in the New England.

UNE Scuba

UNE SCUBA exists to support both those wanting to become SCUBA divers and those already qualified in the Armidale area by helping to organise courses and trips; by providing SCUBA gear for hire; and being a hub for local Divers to meet.

UNE Outlaws Baseball

UNE Outlaws Baseball Club – a Winter based club offering a great club atmosphere to male/ female players aged 14 and over.

Duval College Netball Club

Duval Netball is open to all wanting to play Saturday or Mixed Netball for the College!

Duval Kayaking Club

The Duval Kayaking Club conducts several training and preparation trips to ready participants for what it is like on the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic. Go with them on a typical training day.

Robb College Netball Association

Robb College Netball Association plays in the UNE Netball Competition. Robb has teams in all grades from A to C grade.

Robb College Rugby Club

The Rugby Club for Robb College Students


Robb College Women in Sport

Women in Sport at Robb College is comprised of the netball and hockey clubs. This is a very important aspect of college with all members being involved in women’s sport weekly.

St Alberts Netball Club

The St Albert’s College Netball Club participates in the SportUNE netball competition across all grades from A to C

St Alberts Rugby Club

St Alberts College Rugby Union Football Club was established in 1969 and is a sporting club associated with St Alberts College, UNE, Armidale

UNE Badminton Club

UNE badminton club provides opportunities for everyone who has an interest and also would like to try a game of badminton

UNE Basketball

UNE Basketball Club provides competitive and fun competition in Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Divisions.

UNE Cheer & Dance

UNE Cheer & Dance is UNE’s first-ever competitive cheer and dance club coming to UNE in 2023. Open to students of all skills and athletic backgrounds, cheer and dance is the perfect opportunity for students to learn a brand-new skill, make lifelong friendships and experience the magic of competing in state and national level competitions throughout the year.

UNE City Cricket Club

UNE City Cricket Club competes in the Armidale District Cricket Association.
Games are played on Saturday afternoons from October through to March.
Training during the season will be Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at Bellevue Cricket Nets (UNE) from 4pm – 6pm

UNE Futsal Club

UNE Futsal Club is a great opportunity for everyone to get active and to meet new people. There will be social competitions for UNE Students and the wider community during the Trimesters.

UNE Hockey

UNE Hockey Club provides social teams entered in the local Hockey New England competition.

UNE New England Nomads

The New England Nomads UNE Australian Football Club is based in Armidale. The club plays its home matches at the University of New England’s Bellevue Oval, however the club represents the whole of the Armidale area with members from the city and outlying districts as well as from the university community.

UNE Touch Football Club

UNE Touch will be administering a competition at SportUNE

UNE Volleyball

Join in the fun of one of the most popular sports at UNE! The UNE Volleyball Club holds regular Monday night indoor competitions in Trimester 1 (March to May) and Trimester 2 (July to September) at the SportUNE halls.

UNE Waterpolo

UNE Water Polo provides a fun and competitive competition that runs at the SportUNE pool.

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