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Gym etiquette: the do’s and don’ts when working out around others

Blog | Justin Shaw, Sports Development Coordinator

The gym is a communal space where people can feel comfortable to express themselves! 💪 However, there are some unspoken rules that gym goers should follow to make sure everyone can enjoy their time in the gym! Here is a crash course with the DO’s and the DON’Ts when sharing the gym with others.

Rack your weights

So this one might seem like a no brainer, but re-racking your weights after using them is gym 101. I’m sure many of us have gone to use a station to find a bunch of plates still racked on the bar… this can be a huge inconvenience on time unless it happens to be the exact weight you were going to lift (which rarely happens), so be courteous of others and put weights back after you use them.

Inside voices… please!

A grunt we can forgive. A groan on a big effort – totally acceptable. But if you are screaming, yelling, swearing, or hollerin’ on every rep – please stop. By making enough noise to fill the gym, you are monopolising the atmosphere and distracting others during their workout. The key to effective muscle contraction is control. If you are screaming on a rep then you aren’t in control. I recommend dropping the weight back and going for some slow, controlled (and silent) reps.

Don’t give unsolicited advice

The only time it’s ok to interrupt someone’s workout is when they are in serious danger of hurting themselves. Please come and talk to our staff if you have a concern about someone in the gym. We will assess and address as needed. Otherwise, it’s best to leave each to their own. Just because they aren’t doing it your way, doesn’t always mean it’s wrong!

Clean up after yourself

This one is just common curtesy. When visiting SportUNE facilities please remember to bring a towel, wipe down your equipment before and after use, and return equipment after use. A good rule of thumb is to leave your workout environment better than how you found it.

Circuit work

Circuit work usually involves moving simultaneously between two or more stations which means reserving equipment that someone else could be using. At SportUNE, we don’t reserve equipment in the gym for this reason. If the gym is super quiet and you aren’t going to be getting in someone else’s way, sure you can probably have two stations to yourself. If it’s busy then maybe try looking for a space where you can do circuit work such as Studio 2!

Respect each other

Be humble and respectful of each other. No matter who we are, what we are doing, how we are lifting, or what we are wearing, we are all just trying to do our thing. The gym is a place for everyone.

We’re dedicated to making the gym experience enjoyable for everyone! Please come and chat to our friendly staff if you have any concerns when exercising in the gym, or to discuss your fitness goals. See you in the gym!

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