Girl in bright orange tights does a stretch

Stretches to try for the whole body

Recovery after physical activity starts with the “cool down”. After a high-intensity workout or strength session, the best thing you can do is stretch that fatigue out of your muscles and restore your joints’ range of motion. This can help get the blood circulating back through the tissues and kick start that recovery process. Stretching can also help prevent muscles stiffness, soreness, and injury in the coming days. Injuries commonly occur to muscles that have been previously fatigued. So it goes without saying (but I’ll say it) that you should focus on stretching the muscles you have worked on in a session.

Below are examples of two stretches for each muscle group you can use in your next cool-down session. My general rule of thumb is to hold the stretch for 12 seconds before letting go and don’t forget to perform the movements on both sides of your body!


Lat Lean and twist

Justin performing a lat lean and twistJustin performing a lat twist

Cat / Cow / Downward dog

Justin performing a cat stretchJustin performing a cow stretchJustin performing a downward dog stretch


Wall step-through

Justin performing a stretch against the wall

Wall push-through

Justin performing a wall stretch


Figure 4 Stretch

justin performing a figure 4 stretchJustin performing a stretch

Knee to chest

Justin performing a quad stretchJustin performing a knee to chest stretch


Hip Flexor Stretch

Justin performing a hip flexer stretch

Heel to bum stretch

Justin performing a knee to bum stretch


Hanging hamstring stretch

Justin performing a quad stretchJustin performing a quad stretch

Long Lunge stretch

Justin performing a lower body stretchNick performing a lower body stretch


Rear arm lifts

Justin performing a rear arm liftJustin performing a rear arm stretch

Overhead Triceps stretch

Justin performing a tricep stretchJustin performing a tricep stretch


Thread the needle

Justin performing a tricep stretchJustin performing a tricep stretch

Shoulder Windmills

Justin performing a windmill stretchJustin performing a windmill stretchJustin performing a windmill stretch



Justin performing a spinx stretchJustin performing a spinx stretch

Standing lean overs

Justin performing a leaning stretch

Make sure you stretch your neck out as well! The neck and upper traps are where we hold a lot of our tension from stress and anxiety.

The benefit of regular stretching can be increased flexibility, more energy, less fatigue, and increased circulation – just to name a few. Have a crack at these next time you are cooling down after a workout. Trust me, this is worth the time!

Come and speak to one of our friendly staff members in the gym if you’d like to know more about stretching for recovery.

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