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6 reasons why you should join a sporting club at UNE!

University isn’t just about keeping up with your studies! Joining a sporting club allows you to get the most out of your university experience, and there are plenty of clubs to choose from at UNE.

From rugby to kayaking, cricket to baseball, and even scuba diving – there’s a variety of sporting clubs at UNE where you can learn a new skill and make new friends.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the perks of joining a club. So here are a few reasons why you should consider joining a sporting club at UNE!

Meet new people

First off the bat (pun intended) is the benefit of meeting new people when you join a sporting club! It can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to make new friends when beginning your university journey. Sports allow you to meet a variety of people across the university and local community. Often clubs will organise social events around games or tournaments, and what better way to break the ice than the team-building activity that is sport!

Your well-being will thank you

Keeping active has so many benefits from your physical health – to your mental health! Have you noticed how you feel after your exercise? Do you feel good – maybe a little less stressed? That’s because exercising releases happy hormones called endorphins which help improve your mood. Not to mention how physical activity releases oxygen to the brain which can increase concentration and improve your energy… say no more!

Get into the swing of time-management

Time management is often a skill employers will look for when hiring new employees, and what better way to practice this skill than by joining a sporting club! By committing to a club, you are dedicating your time to regular training commitments and events, which will help you get into the swing of creating a schedule and balancing other commitments in your life such as study and socialising.

Une student playing touch football

Get out of your comfort zone

When was the last time you did something out of your comfort zone? Trying new things is an important building block to learning more about ourselves. Stepping out of your comfort zone not only helps you overcome fear and it also increases cognitive function in our brains! Studies have shown that “when you learn something new, you are exercising your brain, which can help improve cognitive functions such as concentration, attention to detail, memory recall, and problem-solving.”  That’s pretty neat!

Get points for the New England Award

Your participation in sporting events is acknowledged under the New England Award. The Award recognises students’ involvement in extra commitments and responsibilities during the course of their studies and is awarded at graduation. It’s a pretty awesome addition to your resume to show potential employers your willingness to adopt new skills – and be a team player!

Represent your university at a national level

There are plenty of opportunities for you to represent UNE beyond a local level. Outside of the club, there are opportunities to participate in intervarsity sporting competitions where you could represent UNE on a national stage against other universities such as the UniSport Nationals held every year, or in the UNE MBPT competitions on campus.

To find out more about the variety of student sporting clubs at UNE, check out our website or head into SportUNE and see the notice board outside Campbell Hall with all our club info! 

Sign up for the 2022 UniSport Nationals held in September in Perth!

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