group pf people dancing to zumba

4 reasons why you should try Zumba

You may have noticed an exciting new class on offer at SportUNE! Zumba can be described as an interval-style dance fitness party that combines a mix of low and high-intensity moves for the ultimate feel-good workout.  If that isn’t enough to entice you to try your moves in the next class, then below are four benefits to getting your sweat on through Zumba!

Anyone can do it

There is no right or wrong way to do Zumba! What people love about Zumba is that it’s adaptable to any fitness level. You don’t need to have any dance experience to give it a go, so long as you keep your body moving and listen to the beat of the music – you’re doing it!  Zumba uses repetitive moves, meaning you’ll develop coordination even after a few sessions!

Zumba is a high-energy, feel-good dance workout suited to all levels. We use a mixture of latin and world rhythms, as well as some of your favourite pop and classic tracks, so you can forget that you’re even working out and just enjoy moving to the music and getting your sweat on. 

Jessie Bettega, Zumba instructor at SportUNE

Your well-being will thank you

For anyone who has joined in on a Zumba class, you’ll know that you build up a sweat by the end of it! Zumba classes use a mixture of high and low-intensity dance moves that engage multiple muscles in your body. More specifically, Zumba is an aerobic exercise that will get your heart and blood pumping, which not only benefits your fitness level but is essential in lowering blood pressure and improving lung and heart health!

It’s a full-body workout

As mentioned above, Zumba works your whole body, from your legs to your core, and your upper body! Not only is it an awesome cardio workout, but the majority of the moves require you to use your core strength, which is an essential function for everyday mobility.

No matter your fitness goals, whether they’re losing weight, toning muscles or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a full-body workout can contribute to all of these goals and more.


It’s sure to make you smile

Last but not least, is the benefit that Zumba will have on your mental health! Zumba classes are a social activity where you can meet new people and have a giggle along the way! The upbeat music is sure to put a smile on your face, and you’ll feel all the endorphins from the workout!

These are just a few of the benefits that Zumba can have on your well-being. We are so excited to offer it at SportUNE! Why not try out a class and see for yourself. Head to our website to book yourself into our next class!

Looking for that extra bit of motivation?

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