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We’re living in a world filled with lots of change at the moment – it’s really amplifying human connection, wellbeing, and innovation.

At SportUNE we are firm believers that fitness plays a massive role in wellbeing and because of this we have launched our very own Wellness Hub – it’s a place for everyone, boasting free physical health and wellbeing resources, competitions, leaderboards, activations and expert driven trip and tricks – for all ages and levels.

If you’re interested in a little extra motivation to get moving, we’re asking you to challenge yourself and share your exercise journey with like-minded people…

We’re using a really accessible platform called Strava and we would love for you, your family and your friends to join the leaderboard!

Strava Leaderboard

It’s really easy, to sync your data and start competing against other people in the club, its also just a really easy way to stay accountable and start kicking a few fitness goals – even in isolation!

You’re already in it?

For those that already use Strava to track their workouts, all you need to do is search for our club from within the app and join us … easy as that!

Are you wondering what this Strava thing is all about, and how to get involved, here’s a quick (ahem) run-down.

Strava is Swedish for “strive”, which is what this fitness tracking app is all about – striving to better yourself.

The app is free to download, and turns your phone into a sophisticated GPS sports tracking computer. If you own a GPS watch or other GPS tracking device, chances are it is also compatible with Strava, and can easily be connected to the app.

For the data lovers out there. Strava allows you to dig deep into each exercise session once you have uploaded it. One of the really cool things this app does is compare specific segments of a ride or run that you complete, allowing a comparison with anyone who has ever recorded the same segment on Strava. But it also allows you to try and beat that segment next time you complete it, and it gives you a little digital achievement trophy when you do!!

For those that just like to share their experiences, and connect with others doing the same Strava also has you covered. You can easily search for other Strava ‘athletes’, connect with them and follow their exercise journeys, and even give them ‘kudos’ when they have completed a particularly impressive session. You can also create and join Strava clubs (like ours), as well as sign up to a wide variety of Strava challenges to keep you motivated. There really is something for everyone.

The fun stuff. Within our club, we will be running our own mini-challenges, and doing some prize giveaways, so it would be great to have you involved. But most of all, we want this club to be another way you can ‘strive’ to improve your health and wellness, as well as stay connected to the SportUNE community.

If you’re looking for something to keep you active whilst in isolation (and beyond)
why not check out The Wellness Hub – it’s here for everyone!

Keep in the loop by following their Facebook group and get involved with the challenges and competitions!

Fitness is for everyone! #ActivateYourUNELife