Woman Lifting Barbell in a squat position. Wearing a fluro yellow jumper and black leggings

Have you ever thought about specific hip conditioning?

Well-developed hip control is crucial for sporting performance and injury prevention, but also for maintaining a pain-free, active lifestyle.

The major hip stabiliser is the Gluteus Medius, which is located at the lateral, or outside of the hip. Otherwise known as “glute med”, it is an extremely important muscle in maintaining the stability of the pelvis during activities like walking, running, and single-leg weight-bearing because it prevents the opposite side of the pelvis from dropping. Having better hip stability, therefore, makes our movements more efficient, and takes some load off the knee and ankle joints.

That’s what you call a win-win!

Give these 5 exercises a try to ‘fire up your glutes’ and improve your hip stability.

Lying Glute Clams

Fire Hydrants

Lateral Toe Taps

Running Person Drill

Single Leg Squat to Target

Things to remember;

  • For all exercises you are trying to keep your hips ‘square’, avoiding any rotation or collapse in the knee & hip joints, so doing them in front of a mirror is really useful.
  • Be patient, these exercises take concentration, control & lots of practice.
  • Start with 5-10 reps each leg. Once you have mastered the basic movement, you can overload the exercise by increasing reps or adding some resistance with a mini band.

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