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How to make time in your day to work out.

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It is easy to forget about working out when you are packed to the rafters with urgent tasks and deadlines. But why should exercising be any less important than those other daily jobs? We all know working out regularly has sizeable benefits to our physical, mental and emotional health; so why is it so easy for us to push it aside and say ‘we don’t have time’ to do it?

Getting your daily dose of exercise doesn’t need to cost you an hour or two out of your day, in fact, the Australian Department of Health recommends adults to get 150 minutes of physical activity (at a moderate level) per week. That equates to just over 20 minutes a day!

So we thought we would share some ways to get your daily dose of exercise when you are strapped for time!

Set your alarm!

By simply setting your alarm 20-30 minutes earlier, you can sneak some exercise in. That’s right, get up early and get active – remembering, it doesn’t need to be hours! If you get your workout done first thing in the morning, then you have the rest of the day to complete tasks without worrying about cramming in a last-minute exercise session.

Not only will waking up earlier eventually become a routine for your body, but Summer is on the way so it will be easier to roll out of bed with the sun shining!

Workout with someone

If you are a member of your local gym, but find yourself skipping out on your workouts maybe working out with a friend or in a group or joining an online group like the Sport UNE Strava Club might work best for you. Working out with other people can keep you accountable, it can also help you vary your exercise intensity and timing. Getting into a good workout session or routine with others around you for encouragement can work wonders!

Split up your routine

If the above ideas don’t tickle your fancy, try breaking your workouts down into smaller chunks.

Have you ever noticed how fast ten minutes go by when you are racing to get stuff done? Well, ten minutes is all you need to add a bit of physical activity into your day! Raising your heart rate in a quick ten minute workout still has benefits for your overall health. Better still, if you can do this twice in one day, then you are reaching the recommended fitness level and probably didn’t have to stress about fitting it in!

There are lots of little tips and tricks out there to help you find time to exercise. Ultimately it is best to have regular workout sessions to keep your health and fitness level up. But when you have a busy schedule, you may need to look to other alternatives to get an effective workout in.

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