Anthony Cooper, SportUNE

Team Highlight, Anthony “Coops” Cooper

Recently, we received a very well-deserved letter of appreciation for one of our SportUNE staff members, Anthony “Coops” Cooper. The letter is written to express the appreciation for Anthony’s diligence during COVID. As we’re all well aware COVID has changed many things in our daily lives – and had a really huge impact on the fitness industry.

You may know Coops, he is our Fitness & Customer Service Coordinator – which means he oversees the operations of the gym and the service desk. His qualifications include a Cert IV in Personal Training, Effective Movement Training (EMT) – PT Academy, High-Intensity Resistance Training, Level2 Boxing instructor, so its needless to say that he is a bit of an all-rounder when it comes to fitness and pretty helpful across our extensive facilities wherever and whenever he is needed.

Coop’s has always shown a passion for people, in fact, if you ask him, he will tell you the favorite part of his work is chatting with members, learning about each individuals fitness goals as well as seeing the excitement when they reach that goal.

The letter kindly commented on Coops’ management style and noted his leadership skills as well as how they helped the team transition back into the new norm of gym life, that is so valued by our community.

We spoke with the gent that wrote the letter and asked if we could include it in this little staff highlight. Check it out.

I have been a gym member (of SportUNE) for the past seven years. I’m a retired police officer experiencing numerous organizational changes and interactions. I am well acquainted with many members of staff and have known Anthony since he won his position as the senior manager. I am aware that he was an “outside” appointment which can add an extra degree of difficulty on top of the huge impact the COVID pandemic had on our normal lives. 

I am prompted to write this letter to express my appreciation for Anthony’s exceptional managerial style. He has excelled at his job, with wonderful people skills. He is warm, friendly, welcoming, firm but fair, a good listener, a team leader enabling a rapport with staff, respectful, courteous, and well able to develop a harmonious transition to amend operations under COVID.

I have attended many gyms over the past 50 years and feel well able to comment on Anthony’s leadership. In these times of added fear and stress, people can be quick to complain. This is understandable but I would like to draw your attention to Anthony’s “good side of the ledger” to let you know that he is greatly appreciated in the most trying of times. 

Please make Anthony aware of my comments as he muchly deserves recognition.  

Well done!


Thank you, for this lovely letter Bob, we totally agree and couldn’t run the facilities in such a safe and pleasant way without Coop’s expertise and diligence!

A big thank you goes out to Coops and the entire team at SportUNE who help and assist our students, staff and the wider community on their fitness journeys.