Sarah Yassine Yoga SportUNE

Team Highlight, Sarah Yassine

New Year, new me. We’ve heard this a few times in the last week or so, and we’re pretty excited about this; because we love seeing you at our facilities, but even more so – we love helping you on your fitness journey.

So to kick off 2021, we are excited to introduce a few fresh faces! Meet Sarah Yassine, now, she actually joined our team last year, but we thought we’d let her find her SportUNE groove before we started sharing a little social love for this lady!

How long have you been in Armidale and what brought you here?

I’m originally a North Queenslander, but moved to Brisbane to complete my Psychology degree at UQ.  From there I moved to the UK, where I lived for 8 years before returning to live in Bendigo, Melbourne and Sydney.  We moved to Armidale in 2016.

Recently, I was approached by the staff at SportUNE to teach yoga, I was attracted to this because it’s a friendly, unintimidating and relaxed place to work. I’ve been a member of the gym for several years and have developed some good relationships with staff and members there.

Where did you get your passion for the fitness industry?

As a Psychologist, I have long recognised the benefits of physical activity in developing and maintaining good mental health.  I’ve been interested in yoga for many years, and I like how many ideas in modern psychology align with yogic philosophy.

What are your qualifications and where did you study?

I am a registered Psychologist and studied at the University of Queensland.  I completed further training in family therapy in the UK. More recently I completed my Level 1 yoga teacher training with Senior teacher Kate Pell, and then went on to complete a Diploma in pregnancy and postnatal yoga and active birth, with YogaBaby in Brisbane. And, I have been teaching yoga for a couple of years.

What’s something you love about your job and why?

I love having two different jobs that have the same outcome- to improve people’s wellbeing.  I also love the interactions I have with all kinds of different people on a daily basis.

What does a regular day look like for you?

I like to get up early and get some exercise- doing yoga, or going for a run or swim.  Then there is usually a mad rush to get the kids to school, then either see clients in my Psychology practice or teach a yoga class.  Then it’s back to picking the kids up, taking them to whatever is on after school, and then the usual dinner, bed etc routine.  Nothing too exciting here!

Is there a standout person that inspires you?

No one person.  I’m inspired by different people every day. in my free time I spend my time socialising with friends – there’s lots of room for inspo!

What should people expect when they come to one of your classes?

A slower pace, time to find stillness, a bit of a challenge and a bit of a laugh.

The classes I teach are for all fitness levels.  Often people are intimidated by yoga and tell me ‘I’m not flexible’.  Yoga isn’t about flexibility.  It’s about learning more about the mind-body connection, mindfulness, self-compassion, focus, openness, concentration… the list goes on.   And for those who still aren’t convinced, we have blocks, bolsters and straps to help you feel more confident and capable in the poses!

Thank you so much for spending some time chatting with us Sarah, we’re really excited to join in with your classes and have you as a part of our team! 

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