Merlee Stoldt, SportUNE Customer Service Team

Team Highlight, Merlee Stoldt

It’s always nice to put names to faces, and since we’ve got a few new ones – we thought it only fitting to introduce you properly. Meet Merlee, one of our new Customer Service Team members. She has great experience in the fitness industry (over 9 years), oozes enthusiasm, and is an absolute delight!

Merlee has a diverse range of qualifications relating to sport and recreation. She is a qualified fitness instructor, Personal Trainer as well as a Pool Operator, and a Lifeguard.

We stole a few moments of her time to find out a little bit more…

What brought you to Armidale?

I am from Kununurra, it is a small town located in the Kimberley, Western Australia. I am very new to Armidale! I have only been here for a few months. I was eager to live in a new part of Australia and get outside of my comfort zone and so I decided to move across Australia.

Where did you get your passion for the fitness industry?

I was always active as a child and wanted to be a part of every sport in town. I then worked as a recreation officer at my local sport and rec centre and basically never left the industry.

SportUNE was on my radar as soon as I moved to Armidale. It is a similar centre to the one I worked at in Kununurra, and so I knew I would enjoy it. I heard from a few people that it’s a great place to work. As soon as I saw a position advertised, I took the opportunity and applied straight away!

What’s something you love about your job?

The absolute favourite part of my role is being able to meet and get to know so many people that share a same or similar passion to me. I love how diverse the fitness industry is, and the SportUNE Facilities, it means that every day is a little different – it’s awesome!

What does a regular day look like for you?

Typically, I would be serving customers, processing memberships and bookings, planning activities for the year ahead, making coffees, setting up for sports activities in the facilities, cleaning, and other administration. Oh, and fitting in a little work out for myself!

The fitness industry can be a little intense at times – What’s one thing that helps you relax outside of work?

What relaxes me is moving! I will take a walk, go to the gym, go for a ride. I like to relax by getting out and doing something. After that I would watch a movie or cook, I actually really like to cook!

If you’re asking about hobbies… I like to play various different sports, including; netball, tennis, and touch football, I’ll try most things! So, if anyone is looking for a team member let me know! I also love getting out on the boat whether it’s to wakeboard or to fish. This isn’t really possible in Armidale but that is what I used to do in Kununurra. I have recently taken up mountain bike riding which I am starting to enjoy too.

Okay, and the final quick-fire question is, who inspires you?

My dad inspires me. 😊 He is so driven and gives great advice!

Thank you so much for spending some time chatting with us Merlee, we’re really excited to join in with your classes, seeing you at the pool, and maybe getting you involved in a few more team sports! Its a pleasure to have you as a part of our team! 

Group Fitness is back! Have you checked out the timetable yet?