Thor Burey, UNE Outdoor Adventure Club, sitting on a rock, resting from rock climbing

Interview with Thor Burey, Outdoor Adventure Club

If you love exploring the great outdoors, rock climbing, and learning new skills, then UNE’s Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) is the club for you!

Whether you’re a UNE student or an Armidale community member, the OAC is open to anyone interested in awesome outdoor activities and meeting new people. Last week we highlighted the Armidale Outdoor Adventure Club and its members, with our last blog featuring the club’s President, Andrew Woolley. It had such a great response we thought we’d steak a few moments with another member, Thor Burey.

Thor’s been a member of the club since 2011, (we think that’s pretty impressive), so who better to sit down and chat with about some of the OAC’s activities, and why you should join in on the fun!

What inspired you to become a member?

A desire to continue rock climbing which I began while I was living overseas.

What has been one of the major highlights or memories from your time with the club?

So many, but the overnight trips to Timor Caves and the climbing trips to Coffs Harbour are real standouts!

Alice Bakers Creek, UNE Outdoor Adventure Club, woman sitting on a rock

The OAC boasts a smorgasbord of activities its members can partake in. What OAC activities have you enjoyed the most and why?

Outdoor climbing and caving. Caving is such a unique activity that you don’t normally get to experience any other time. The New England region has some amazing national parks where you can go caving, which is pretty cool.

Life can get pretty hectic at times, why does being part of a club like the OAC help balance out regular life commitments?

The regular climbing sessions in the gym are a great whole-body physical activity. It helps me to de-stress, and the planned outdoor trips provide a great activity that isn’t work or study based.

What might you say to someone who is considering joining the club?

It’s a great community that is passionate about the outdoors and exploring the unique national parks that are on our doorstep.

Thanks for the chat, Thor! We’re busting to see more of the Adventures you and the crew get up to! 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Outdoor Adventure Club, you can reach out to them via the clubs page here, or drop by the SportUNE climbing wall Monday or Friday nights after 5.30pm