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How to write a workout plan and stick to it

Blog | Justin Shaw, Sports Development Coordinator

So you want to create a workout plan? First of all, good on you for taking the plunge. Taking control of your health and fitness is a big step and you should be proud of yourself for taking the mantle of responsibility. So, why bother with a workout plan? A workout plan is essential when it comes to achieving your fitness goals and staying consistent with your fitness and health. Consistency is key!

Contrary to popular belief, writing your workout plan is about as difficult as putting on a hat. The hardest part is knowing where to start! The following tips will help you get the ball rolling.

Be realistic

It’s important to be honest with yourself and your ability, or you’ll create unrealistic expectations that you’ll struggle to complete. It’s better to make a session easy at first and then work to make it a little bit harder next time. If you make it too hard, you’ll discourage yourself. A good place to start is with exercises you know you can do well. You can expand your comfort zone once you have a habit. To start with, focus on movements you know and hit them out of the park for a few sessions to build your confidence.

Do your research

Look up some workout plans and find something you think you will like. You can edit it to suit yourself by swapping out exercises for others you enjoy doing. The best way to know what to choose is to know your options. If you want to create a leg day, then look up leg exercises and pick ones you want to try. Another great place to start is by chatting to one of the friendly SportUNE Gym staff. The team at SportUNE are all wonderful sources of gym experience and information. They can answer any questions you have and provide advice on training to suit your needs.

Write it down

Don’t try and make a plan in your head. Write it down or type it up and have it somewhere so you can refer back to it. I recommend including in each session in your plan: a 10-minute warm-up, 5 exercises relevant to your workout split, then a nice stretch session. You can then add more exercises as you feel more confident and gain more knowledge.

Efficiency is key

You don’t need 2 hours in the gym to have a good session. 45 minutes is enough to do the trick. Make it short, sharp, and efficient. Also, think about the layout of the gym, if your workout has you walking back and forward all over the gym you can quickly feel like you’re wasting time. My advice is to bunch exercises that use one area of the gym together.

Keep a Journal

Have a diary to keep some notes about how each workout goes. You might record how many reps you got and at what weight, and how hard it was. This will help you tweak the next time you review. You don’t have to write it all down either! You can record voice memos to yourself to listen to later!

Review fortnightly

Make sure you check back in with yourself to see how everything is going. It is important to check in with yourself and see what’s working for you. Changing the workout up a few times in the first few months is normal. It takes time to find your groove!


The best way to know if your plan works is to do it! This feedback will help you see what needs changing, increasing, decreasing, or scrapping altogether. Trying each workout will give you clear physical feedback, however, you also need to pay attention to your mental recovery. If you are fatigued all the time and can’t concentrate, it’s time to make a change. Nothing new ever happens in the comfort zone.

And don’t forget to reach out to the team at SportUNE if you aren’t sure where to begin! We’re here to help.

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