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5 tips for working out in the evening

This is a guest blog written by Sport UNE Sports Development Coordinator, Justin Shaw

Heading to the gym after work can be difficult. But it can also help set you up for some great sleep and recovery. If you are having a hard time getting to the gym in the evenings, you aren’t the first and you sure won’t be the last. Fortunately many a brave soul has walked the path in front of you. Below are some of the tips that will make it easier to get there!

Don’t go home first

We all say to ourselves “I’ll just go home and relax for half an hour, then I’ll be supercharged for the gym,” but as soon as you sit on that couch it becomes a million times harder to get up and go! Take your gym bag with you when you leave for work in the morning, this will make sure you have no excuses to go home before the gym!

Take your gym clothes

Getting changed into your gym clothes will make you feel motivated, and ready to take on your session. Get changed at work if you can, otherwise most gyms have change rooms.

Meal prep

Preparing your meals before and after your gym session will help you stay on track. It is hard to get motivated for a gym session if you know you have to go home and cook your dinner and then clean up after. This can have 2 negative implications; you skip your gym session and lose your momentum, or you get takeaway because you don’t feel like cooking and you undo all your work in the gym. Future plan yourself by prepping your meals in the morning before work, or one afternoon on the weekend so you’re set for the week ahead!

Have a plan

Having a weekly workout routine can help keep yourself accountable when it comes to making your session. Write yourself a plan and stick to it. This way you will know exactly what you are there for and you can get in and get out. Also, knowing what you will miss is a good way to keep yourself motivated.

Consider a gym buddy

Having a gym buddy can also help keep you accountable. A common mistake is thinking you have to work out together and do the same session together. You can both do your own thing. Your gym buddies’ job is to make sure you get there. Once you’re there the hard part is done. Now get to work!

If you’re struggling to get motivated to train after work or school or even just because you’re an evening person and mornings are so far out of the question, give these tips a try, let us know how it goes!

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